With the Sioux Falls city skyline looking a little flat, the Sioux Falls city council voted to build a brand new public/private building that would make the skyline look taller. Reports have been pouring in that city council has over compensated the height of the building because of the colder temperatures.

“We’re tired of small buildings in this town! We need tall, darker buildings to attract tourists.” a female supporter said, who wished to have her identity kept confidential.

“I’ve heard what the Mayor has to say on the subject, but I am unsure about his intentions with Aaron Hultgren.” said Thomas G. Aydar.

The Sioux Falls citizens seem torn on the subject of larger, more spectacular looking buildings with many thinking our skyline is above average and other saying it’s lacking.

Official figures can be seen below:

  • 94.6% of male citizens believe Sioux Falls’ skyline is above average
  • 3.4% of male citizens believe the skyline is too small
  • 2% of male citizens would like taller, darker buildings


  • 95.2% of female citizens are comfortable with Sioux Falls’ skyline
  • 1.8% of female citizens would be more likely to go to a large city to view a skyline
  • 3% of women would enjoy taller, darker buildings


The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White